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Day 07



A few updates:

Last night my face was so, so dry. Like just peeling. It wasn't cracked or anything - I think I caught it before it got bad. Slathered on Olay moisturizer with jojoba oil. It burned, but when I got up this morning, it wasn't too bad. Washed my face and applied more moisturizer this morning and as I'm at work, I'm wearing Almay foundation, concealer, and powder.

Got a pretty bad bloody nose yesterday - think it was due to dryness.

I know this blog is boring, I will probably wait to post until about Day 15 or if anything changes.


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Hi there! Sorry to hear about the dryness, I know it sucks! I'm just starting to get dry since I'm in 20 mgs. Other than that how's the acne going for you? Are your pimples shrinking? My face is all peeled, I hate to go to social events like this, so im praying it will be better for this weekend.

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yes, i think my pimples are shrinking. the face acne situation is good (knock on wood) - i have no breakouts on my face now, which is SO unusual. i have a lot of redness from previous breakouts too, and when i woke up today and yesterday, it just looks less red. i am also using a clarisonic-type brush with my face wash, so that could be helping too. beside the fact that my skin is so dry that it feels a bit like sandpaper, my face is doing well.

the breakouts i had on my back are so dried up and gone, but there are new ones. so it seems like my back is still active. the fact that i have no active spots on my face now could just be a fluke...hope not though!

are you using jojoba oil with your moisturizer? i've found that to help with the flakiness so much. and generous amounts.

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