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Day 12,657 Of Accutane.



Haha not really its day 75! I think... Well the reason for my title is that I feel like I've been on Accutane for forever and 9 billion years. And I'm slowly going out of my mind. My acne is still here, just when it seems to get better my skins like oh no! Lauren can't have clear skin! Lets give her 5 cysts, tons of black heads, and throw a bunch of whiteheads in there too! Then we'll trick her and clear some of it up only to leave ugly red marks and breakout all over again!

I'm serious. The struggle is real. Also my back and chest decided to break out again after they were like 4 pimples away from being clear. Also I developed weird rashes on my palms of all these little tiny bumps! That are probably the most horrendous things I've ever seen! Yeah I won't be holding anyone's hand anytime soon... Or even giving someone a handshake or touching anyone. I should actually just wear gloves.

My hair is falling out more than usual. Which I don't really care about. It's not like its a lot. And my hair is still oily even though my skin is super dry! And I'm really get tired of putting on moisturizer all the time and putting o. Tons of it before bed. It's uncomfortable and annoying.

So obviously I'm getting really irritated at this point and kind of had enough. But I hope I can make it through this fast.

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How annoying it must be to feel like you're almost in the clear & then bang, a million new spots.

That's how i felt before accutane, i would be clear for a few weeks with maybe one small spot making it's way out of my life then out of nowhere i'd get 2 new ones that would grow to about 8 overnight!! SO FRUSTRATING!

I've been on accutane for a month now & i had very mild back & chest acne. Maybe 4-5 on my back & 1-2 on my chest. My face, though, is a different story all together. I got it pretty bad on my face, on my consultation day i had about 6-7 really red, sore, inflamed ones & a few ugly, pustule ones scattered in between.

But they're all pretty much gone now YAY! I still have a stubborn cyst-like thing on my jawline. A bumpy spot on my upper left cheek & what looks/feels like an indented hole on my right cheek. Ughh.

Still praying that my IB will be kind to me. How was yours? And how much longer have you got to go til you finish your treatment?

Also, the hair thing. Try dry shampoo during the day. Before you go to bed, rub a small amount of baby powder in your hands & work it into your roots, that should fight off the oil. As for the skin, if you're like me & you wear makeup on a daily, then use a moisturizing lotion made for dry skin after a shower, then use a silicone based primer mixed with a serum or oil based primer. Trust me, it works!

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