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Hey all! Sorry I haven't been updating much, but honestly, there's not much to update! Haven't really had too many problems on the skin woes front. A few breakouts here and there when I eat too many milk products or am on my period, but beyond that, things have been progressing nicely, the deep scars on my forehead are getting shallower, and wherever I don't wear makeup, i don't break out, so I'm trying to break myself of makeup entirely, but it's a slow process, but right now I don't wear makeup on my left cheek, my forehead, my nose and my chin...so it's just my right cheek that I have to conquer.

The two photos are a pretty good makeup-less portrayal of what my face looks like right now, on month four of the routine I started in December-- Mary Kay velocity cleanser and moisturizer, hydrogen peroxide as a toner in the morning, going very lightly with the epiduo at night, spot treatments of aloe, honey, and cinnamon, and sometimes an aztec clay mask. Of course I'm not perfect smooth and clear, but I'm sure as heck a lot better than I was a few months ago.

Another thing that may be helping is rooibus tea...I notice that when I drink before I go to bed, I wake with more even toned, refreshed looking skin--so maybe there is something there!

Have a good week you guys!

Ari :)