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I Have A Massive Cyst! How Do You Treat It While On Accutane ?



I See others on accutane cleansing gently and putting mosturizers while I don't feel ready to stop using my sulfur cream

I didn't use it for the past couple of days as my skin was getting itchy, but today I woke up with the same huge cyst that seemed to be drying up a few days ago. Why????

Damn I'm going to a wedding this weekend, I'm at office hiding putting ice on my face right now

It's so huge the side if my chin is really swollen.

Went to see my derm but she only offered a sample of aczone.

Advice please !


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I've read about people putting Vicks on them and that they will come to head but I've never tried it! Also my friend swears by hand sanitizer! But I've tried it and it takes a few days! But I would try icing it and keeping it clean as possible! Also no picking! I might try the Vicks thing tonight and ill tell you how it goes!

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Thanks! I will try the Vicks next time, I ended up picking it, omg I can't stop myself, the cyst was so itchy, it was driving me nuts. But I got it out, now I have a big scab:-(

The dermatologist gave me a sample of aczone , it's supposed to be good for cysts.

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