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Accutane - Day 74 - Dry Nose!



So I’ve been on the Accutane for a good while now. Think I have about 6 weeks left to go, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

All in all it’s been good at treating my acne. I had a couple of zits come up recently which was odd because I haven’t had any new ones for weeks. Hoping that it’s a one off! They aren’t big ones at all, but they seem to take longer to come to a head, I guess it’s because there’s no oil or moisture on my skin.

Skin is very dry, there was one point where I was starting to look like I’d had a botched chemical peel, but it’s all calmed down now. My main issue is my friggin nose. It’s SO dry in my nostrils. I never thought that would be a problem but it’s quite uncomfortable and can be quite painful. TMI central but basically your snot dries out and sticks to your nostrils. There’s often blood when I blow my nose as well. I’ve not had an outright nosebleed though, thankfully.

To combat it I had a nasal irrigation kit (Neilmed) that helps to at least moisten things long enough for you to blow your nose properly. And failing that I have been known to on occasion put moisturiser up there… lovely.

Apart from that everything’s been fine side effects wise. No stomach problems. Not much joint aches (and I lift weights), maybe a bit in my wrists. Still feeling a little tired but I can’t work out if that’s the medicine or just burning the candle at both ends which I have been doing lately.


I'm about the same day as you and I also have the same problem with my nose! I take a q-tip with aquaphor or vasaline and put it up there! Sorry that's really gross but what else can you do! I luckily have also not had a nosebleed!

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Thanks for the advice - I will try that. I tried putting moisturiser up there but someone at work asked why I had all this white stuff around my nostrils - I think she thought I'd been snorting something haha.

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