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Day 3



Day 3- Picked at only one spot! I was washing my face and a scab from a pimple I picked last week came off. Pus oozed along, so I just decided to squeeze everything out. it came out pretty clean. that should be the end of that. to prevent more picking, I stopped myself from scoping out other areas of my face (SUCCESS!) I really think having this blog to report to every day is helping a lot :) If I skip even a day, I know it'll be the end of me D':

As for redness reduction, ya know, too early to say... But the urge to pick has greatly reduced!


I also wanted to state that I am on week 7 of my solodyn and duac treatment. Solodyn is amazing. Not only did I stop breaking out, but my skin is so soft and smooth! I only apply duac on my infected areas, so those places are a bit rough. although I feel as if the duac isn't doing much. My derm gave me 4 duac sample tubes to live off of, but they've been expired for at least 1-3 months. Im sure its not very potent. When I use duac, it doesn't burn, sting, make my face red, etc. No reaction. It does make my skin flake a little every 4 days, which I then exfoliate. At first I thought it was because my skin was use to such harsh abuse, but now, im just thinking that the duac isn't very strong no mo. Still.. im sure it's better than nothing. right? I really wanna go on differin... sigh...


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