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Day 2



Day 2 -It's only day 2, can't say I see much improvement

I tried to resist the urge... but I picked at one spot. thankfully, I didn't do any damage! it was only for 5 sec... Big improvement :D

I did eat very unhealthy today.. 3 chili dogs from weinershnitzle and ramen and pepsi..... I'm not too sure if diet is a contributing factor to my acne. I've never had consistent outcomes. Usually, I get a pimple right away if I wasn't able to get a good night's rest.... but with food, iono. Hopefully it won't hinder my skin's progress.

Gosh... but it's so fun squeezing out those little yellow grains of rice from my face. The way they plop out and shiz.

Anyways, I took pics, so at the end of the month i'll be posting the before and afters :)