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1 Month After Minocyclin And Clindamycin



So throughout high school I had relatively mild-moderate acne (mostly mild) and though I would hide my face at times, acne never really bothered me significantly. However, I just finished my winter quarter as a sophomore in college and seriously broke-out like crazy. My face is filled with acne atm and since I am pretty pale, it looks more hideous. I've been trying to naturally cleanse my face by eating healthy (fruits, chicken, fish, broccoli, and spinach) and to no avail.

I have been on minocyclin and clindamycin for a month now and I feel its only made my acne worse. I know have loads of acne on my forehead and cheeks!!! Does anyone know how long it takes for minocyclin and clindamycin to work??

In general, acne has really killed me on a emotional and physical level. Being in a fraternity, this really sucks as I have to constantly avoid people and have missed all of the socials and events due to my acne. My confidence has dropped a ton and I now find myself hiding in my room for a good chunk of the day. I feel extremely hopeless and I guess would just like some advice/success stories with minocyclin/clindamycin. If you took the time to read this, I really appreciate it. Thanks everyone