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From: What Can I Do To Improve My Diet? Tough With Food Allergies



1st thing in the morning : a cup of warm water with half a lemon in it.i add green tea in it.

10-15 mins later, breakfast : fruits(apple/guava/cucumber/pears/papaya/grapes etc.)..i have 2(or maximum 3) types each day + a bowl of dal(lentil SOUP) + (some dry roasted black chickpeas OR one whole egg some days).


i have white rice(not too much..i eat less anyway.so yes,compared to how much most people eat.i have less- hope that helps with GL) + LENTILS(varies each day..there are 3-4 kind thats common here)

+ vegetables(curries or just gravy less dishes as side dishes.they vary everyday..from cabbage,brinjal,pumpkin,ladies finger,gourds of different kind etc etc. potato is almost constant everyday.i try to have less.not evn one full big potato in a day.)

+ fish(about 4/5/6 days a week cooked in gravy.although we dont get fishes like salmon,tuna..but other sweet or salt water fish here in bengal).

recently i have started swapping the fish with home made (less oil and less spicy) chicken(or chicken liver) curry(its almost boiled chicken in garlic,ginger,onion and turmeric,really) once a week or so.

i'm having sweet potato(boiled and mashed).

i try to include leaves like spinach or other kind of leaves.but i cant eat it everyday.may be 2-3 days a week.

i also try to have something bitter(like stir fried neem leaves or bitter gourd boiled and mashed).

evening snack :

oats(with one fruit like apple/pear/banana OR with curd & spices) OR dry roasted chickpea flour/powder (with spices, black salt, lemon juice) + 1 cup green tea.


(rarely) sauteed vegetables (capsicum,spinach/malabar spinach(or any green leaf),cabbage,okra,beets,,carrots,may be beans,).sometimes i add prawns etc.

i add garlic + ginger + onion + salt + one egg.hope th

done in EVOO +ginger green tea

dinner : 2(or 2 and a half) roti (thats oil less flat bread of india).its made of whole wheat.(i have swapped wheat with rice for this month to check for gluten)(STILL ON)

i have it with any vegetable(varies just as in lunch) and lentils again. + one whole egg.

i dont eat much.

so whatevr variety i eat..it's in less amount but everything.hope that helps with GL.

also i have about 3-4 litres of water and zevit capsules(its been abt 2 mnths now on 25/04/2013.i'll discontinue i suppose.my derma had asked to have it for 6 weeks anyway)

.i also have green tea(at least once a day) which has cinnamon in it. LEMON GREEN TEA(BREAKFAST) & PLAIN OR GINGER GREEN TEA(EVENING).

but apart from that i also chew on cinnamon sticks now and then(specially after meals).CINNAMON powder after big meals.


  • I have cinnamon powder after every big meal for insulin spikes. sticks are out for they irritate my mouth.
  • I'm gluten free still now; i've some whole wheat bread now & then without noticeable effect.
  • I;ve added HOME MADEunsweetened CURD(YOGURT) in my diet. I'd add it to my oats in the evening or have plain after lunch.
  • I dont have zevit now. I dont have warm water after dinners now.
  • I indulge in small treats that are deep fried / has less sugar/ has lil' dairy now sometimes(not much).
  • I've added OATS(quaker - rolled) to my diet as evening meal.(one-two serving with a fruit or yogurt).

what do u think???

any suggestions?



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I think it sounds fine although you should see what happens when you avoid gluten for at least a month.

And you might want to wait a little bit longer in the morning before you have high glycemic things like the fruit and yogurt. Cortisol s elevated as part of waking up. And that means a more dramatic insulin response. I don't know how long this goes on though.

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i live with my parents.and omitting gluten could be difficult.but i think i'll try my best to do that and check for a mnth.

also,i'd read somewhere that eating two fruits within 20 mins of getting up is good.its suppose to kich start ur day but then i dnt think he had acne in mind.

so i'll try to avoid fruits.

but i dnt know what else to have.

i get up really late and my breakfast m lunch are close(just 2-3 hrs).

btw,i've stopped yoghurt again to recheck its effect.

do u have any simple suggestion for breakfast?

may be a poached egg.

thank u for answering.=)


gLUTEN free for more than 3 months now with very lil' whole wheat breaks rarely.

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I'm removing gluten (along with dairy) from my diet too. My diet basically consists of vegetables, meat and eggs. Nothing more, nothing less. I try eat less fruits too because of the natural sugars which may also cause acne.

Hope your experiment goes well!

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an update :

i've been avoiding gluten for more than 20-22 days and i dont think it has any big effect on me.

i've had 2 tiny zits and whiteheads on and off while the process was on.

i was more or less clear before that,for more than 1.5 mnths.

although i dont think its much related - except for that consumption of rice twice a day caused me the zits once(well!honestly i dont think so).

i mean to carry on for about 10 more days and restart the rotis i usually had(made of whole grain wheat -just 2 small ones a day).

i'll check if i see any changes at all.

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You have 2 rotis a day? I have 10 a day.After the gym my body is a burning furnace which wants more fuel.Maybe it's the high gluten load by the rotis which cause my acne? lol... typing 10 rotis on a public forum is embarrassing.

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yes,i am told more than once that i eat less.

i had started eating 2 rotis(which btw is thinner than most household) when i was say 2 or 3 and i still have 2.

i just have the vegetables or lentils a lil' more than before.

3-4 rotis of average size is ideal for a girl while for guys who work out hard core i think 7-8 is okay.

i have been off gluten for around 2 mnths now.

i have rice instead.twice a day.

i had rotis once at dinner day before yesterday.

and noticed nothing.

so i still dnt think wheat(gluten) is a trigger for me.

even then i will stick with rice.

i expct it to help me gain weight plus rice is better than wheat in some ways(as was discussed in a post- for acne that is)

did u check for gluten as a trigger?

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You can seriously do this forever the way you have it set up.

Two words: Elimination diet.

That is the only REAL way to see if you have a food intolerance. See a nutritionist / gastroenterologist and ask them the best way to go about it.

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Thank you.

I live with my family, and it's difficult to switch things like staple food white rice.

i have much less than most people, so i hope that helps with GL.

and as for nutrients, i guess i will have to take it from other sources like fruits, veggies, fish , eggs etc.

i have cinnamon powder after every meal , hoping that helps with insulin spikes.but honestly i dnt think thats a worry for me.

thank you for the advice.i really appreciate it.

You can seriously do this forever the way you have it set up.

Two words: Elimination diet.

That is the only REAL way to see if you have a food intolerance. See a nutritionist / gastroenterologist and ask them the best way to go about it.

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