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Day 1

So i'm starting this blog to hold me accountable for picking at my skin.

I'm very good at disciplining myself when needed, but for some reason I can't stop picking at my skin! I tell myself "NO MORE PICKING" but 10 min later, I find myself in front of the mirror... touching my face for any bumps :'( and then pick pick pick.

Hopefully, by writing this blog, i'll be able to force myself to stop - for the sake of each entry!

I know one reason why I haven't stopped picking is because I haven't seen a good example from other ppl yet. I've researched blogs of ppl on the 30 day challenge, and there's no entry past day 4 or ppl state that they've been getting more acne from not picking. If I was able to find at least one blog that had a positive outcome from the No picking challenge, I know it would give me hope and encourage me to follow... sigh

So here is day 1.

Here's a bit of info about my skin - i'm a pale, Asian with lots of red acne scaring. I had very mild acne until my second year of college. My face exploded - im sure it's because I started wearing make up then. I broke out on my forehead, cheeks, and especially the temporal areas. Since then, I've tried every OTC acne meds from Sephora to drugstores, had lasers, facials, microderm, and chem peels.

Fast forward 3 years later.....

for three months I was in Korea, and my skin had gotten way better then it ever was. I came back to the states and within a month, my face exploded again. Oddly, it was only the lower half of my face. So atm, my forehead, nose, right cheek, and temporal areas are extremely clean and clear! My left cheek, my left and right lower cheeks, and chin was plagued with acne. CYSTIC ACNE WTF.

I finally went to the derm and he gave me duac and solodyn. after a month, the acne is gone (YAY) and only two tiny parts of cystic acne remains. Although the acne is gone, the red marks remain. My red marks usually last 1-3 months, so I know they will all clear, but my problem is that I pick. And when I pick, I make more, new red marks.

I pick not at pimples, but at blackheads and whiteheads... because I am afraid they will turn into pimples if I leave them alone. I pick until I bleed and scab... and then scar. When I pick, I get those yellow-green grains, so I feel as if I achieved something! If I left them alone, I have no idea what would have happened... but I convince myself that getting a scab would be better than a pimple (what's the difference, right?)

I really want these red marks to go away... they plague my face like flies on meat. It depresses me and It discourages me to go out and do anything. I'm just sitting at home gaining weight.

I'm hoping that this blog will keep me accountable from picking at my face. If I see great results at the end of this project, I know i'll stop picking for good.

Here's my daily reg:


1) Wash face with baking soda

2) Apply tiny bit of duac to cystic pimples

after dinner: take solodyn


1) Wash face with baking soda

2) Apply duac to cheeks and chin (infected areas)

*I realized I don't need moisturizer. My skin does perfectly fine without it.

If anyone has had success with their red marks by stopping CSP, please let me know! It will be very helpful. Thank you!



I luv ur name..OMGmahface! As for picking, try to get on a good regimen. That is the only thing that stopped my picking...a reduction in zits. Try benzaclin, amoxicillin or cephalexin and retin-a liquid form (strongest available). Good luck. In a years time with those medications I just mentioned... picking will just fade from your mind. BTW Duac is an awesome acne fighter. You are really smart to use Duac!

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thanx! and I know, its a vicious cycle.. picking causes more pimples, and pimples cause more picking T_T man... hopefully it fades soon!!!!

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