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Day 4 Levulan



Today is the 4th day after my first Levulan treatment and I have a face full of flake... Sorta gross but I am still seeing improvment! The blemishes I mentioned in yesterday's post have since surfaced, relieved themselves and scabbed already. One of them felt like it was going to be one of those big stubborn pimples, not cystic but large and inflammed anyway. I believe it probably would have turned out that way had I not gone through with the treatment in the first place. It only lasted a day and is healing up very quickly.

The majority of dead skin has freed itself from my chin and my cheeks are totally masked in it. Pretty promising stuff! The redness in the pics below are from what I think is my new skin and not the Levulan.

I have not had a cystic pimple in a long while but the one seen under my left eye started to come in on the second day after the treatment. It seems to be progressing must faster than usual and I cross my fingers hoping that I am right.

In the photos below, the blemishes I was referring to in beginning of this post can be found in the center of my left cheek. The cystic one is pretty obvious.

But to sum it all up, I feel like it is doing a good job of correcting my complexion so far!


Hi Silllian,

I am curious about the rest of your regimen. What acne slayers do you put to the test?

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Currently none besides the Levulan and laser treatment I paid for last week. I plan to use the 'caveman regimen' between treatments. Who knows, it's the last idea I have before throwing in the towel and beginning Accutane.

However, before this I tried many different soaps and systems all with no luck. I'll be writing later on today's progress (Day 5 Levulan) later, I have certainly seen progress since yesterday.

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