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Anyone Else On 20 Mgs?



Seriously when is this thing gonna kick in? I'm on day 10 of accutane, but now it seems like it stopped working, maybe I'm expecting too much or my dose needs to be increased.

Still waking up with an oily face, the cysts on my chin are not going away.

My acne is mild moderate


dont expect too much on such a low dose, ive been on 20mg/day since september 18,2012 and only recently my skin been cyst free. for me, i was at my worst when i started, the derm(dickwad) i went to here in the U.S. wanted to wait 3 months before even talking about tane, so he put me on half the dose of doxycycline i was on before at my docs. i broke out super badly within a week and i couldnt take the inflammation,pain, redness, and embarrassment after 3 weeks. what a way to start senior year of high school. anywho, patience is key. it will work tho. in two months the gigantic cysts went down. just keep on taking the stuff everyday. may i ask how you were put on a low dose?

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Hi there, thanks for responding. For how long are you on accutane?

I think my derm put me on a low dose to see how I respond, or maybe because I seemed quite anxious about side effects, not sure, I will ask her next week when I see her, I definitely don't wanna be on this thing for a year!

How about you?

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i have been on it for 6.5 months so far. the first derm i went to in august wanted me to take doxycycline again and three weeks later i had enough of it all. im seeing a different derm next tuesday and i really want to get on a full strength course of it. idk if my health insurance covers it tho. i have "healthy families"

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