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Month 3, Week 2



Month 3, week 2 on 60mg accutane

I currently have 1 pimple in between my eyebrows and that is it !!! :D I cant remember the last time my skin was this clear, i'm so happy!

I have no blackheads either and I've had blackheads always since i was about 12 years old! Its so nice to feel no bumps, cysts or have anything bleeding on my face.

My skin is super dry but its manageable. Its more noticeably dry around my nose, eyes and cheeks. My face seems to look a look more flushed since upping from 30mg to 60mg.

Red marks are still present but these should fade in time. I don't think my acne has scarred my face, just left PIH

side effects:

  • dry lips and mouth
  • thirsty- headaches if i don't drink enough
  • lower back and hip ache, especially when i lye on my side
  • bruise, cut, mark easily. My arms are covered in little bruises and scratches from itching etc
  • dry eyes
  • nasal spotting
  • a lot more tired

side effects are manageable, just becoming a part of my everyday life now...

overall DRY,DRY,DRY but happy with the results so far


Congrats on the improvement! I'm on day 9th, time doesn't go fast enough!

I have some weird pains on my arms, hands, legs and I'm only on 20 mgs. It's too soon for me to notice changes but my lips are a bit drier and my face's skin is more sensitive but still oily.

What do you do with existing pimples if you are not supposed to pick them? Do they always dry up? I can't stop picking!

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Man i'm glad to hear that, i'm going on it once I get insurance. Hope I get the same success. It's good to know about the blackheads cuz currently that's really all I have, SO ANNOYING.

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Thanks guys!
Catlover2012: I get weird pains in my arms sometimes, i'm not sure what they are or even if they're accutane related. I'm pretty sure the back ache is from the accutane though. Sounds like the accutane is slowly getting into your system though! Good luck with everything, hope you get the results you want !
As for existing pimples, i leave them alone completely. I picked one when i was on my first month and its left a prominent red mark, lesson learnt. If i leave them alone i find they almost 'drop off' from dryness within a day or two and i'm left with a faint mark.

Tristen420: Accutane is good stuff, don't let any horror stories scare you off ! side effects are manageable! Let me know when you get it, id love to follow your journey ! Yeah my blackheads slowly faded each month and i now have non in month 3 which is great! I know a lot of people found this was the same

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