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Why I Think I Have Acne.



I think the reason I have acne is because of my father's death.

It was the end of 4th grade when he died. That's when I started to get a stray pimple or 2... I was only 9.

Once school started up, people were asking me about it and I was getting more homework which added onto my stress and anxiety. I had to get a counselor in school to talk about my feelings about it, not because I needed one although it really did help me with the mourning process. It was because all kids who lost someone important to them in my school had to go to a counselor. comfort.gif

Anyway, it was getting worse day by day. I hated talking about my father's death and school was stressing me out... It really started getting hard to handle in 7 grade and up until now. People get acne for different reasons. It's definitely a hormonal thing, but there's different reasons why. Death, stress, anxiety, and other things could lead to acne. Yes, I know, I'm not a doctor or a dermatologist but I strongly do believe my acne was caused by the death of my father. My brother also got acne around the same time, except his was more aggressive.

If anyone knows any information about the relationship between losing someone and stress and acne, please comment below! Thanks!!



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