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Breaking Down Cosmetic Skin Care Ingredients. When To Buy, And When To Run And Hide



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The sole purpose of this post is to give you an idea about what type of ingredients are thrown into your acne creams that can definitely make your skin worse!. It’s an attempt to inform the naive, and encourage the few to take greater responsibility in their life, especially their skin care efforts.

Knowing me, you might find the information in here-in has a slight “bias” feel to it, but I assure you, in the process of researching and back-checking this information, it was my goal to stay as neutral and indecisive as I possibly could. With that being said, most of you already know where I stand on the the topic of natural skin care vs cosmetic skin care. This post just further solidifies those feelings, and to be fair, I also talked about the good ingredients as well as the bad ones.....