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Caveman Regimen



Hi so I just started the caveman regimen, ( water only, 0 water for the more intense people out there ) because after years of topicals, like retin-a, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, scrubs and other harsh products I've pretty much realized I stripped the natural hydro-lipid barrier of my skin and need to let it balance out to a normal pH. I started using these not because I became prone to breakouts, but because I was just interested in skincare. I had perfectly normal skin before and had no issue with oilyness, breakouts, dryness, irritation... anything. Because I started experimenting on my face, it because really sensitive and had no barrier, causing my skin to produce excess oil and then started the erruption of real breakouts, and the cycle started. I used products to control my acne, which was only caused by excessive use of harsh chemicals stripping my skin causing oilyness. It took me a while to really figure out this was the problem... So I decided to quit using all products completely.

Its only been a week and I'm seeing tons and tons of clogged pores and small bumps. I realize that this is my skin releasing all the bad toxins I've held in through topicals, so I'm trying not to be too anxious about it. My skin is oily most of the time now, because I'm not constantly washing away the oil.

What I was wondering, is how long do you think this excess oily, breakout stage will last? Is it possible my skin has just become oily and won't revert back to its normal state?

Has anyone with this problem had success with the caveman regimen? I'm looking for reviews that will get my hopes up! Thanks


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salicylic acid cleans ur pores but other than that it also makes ur skin dry.since u've used it without any need..which means ur skin was already 'not oily'.

to compensate the 'extra' dryness..the oil glands produced more oil and that is what caused ur acne.

now,one thing that can happen is u using an anitibiotic which will reduce the size of ur pores like isotretoin(may be of very low power).

the so called caveman method should work too(going by logic).the logic being dont dry out anymore and let the skin realise ther's no need of excess oil.but honestly am not sure it's always as fast or as good.

i'll ask a few i know and see.

google more sites if u can.

what % salicylic acid did u use btw?was it foaming face wash or a peel?same goes for glycolic acid too.



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Hi, I've been on the caveman regimen for about a year and a half and perhaps I can offer some advice.

First of all, don't give up. Stick with it please. I hope you find - as I did - that following this regimen is simple and more natural than relying on manufactured, chemical products.

Now, let's get into it.

1. How many times are you washing your face? I've seen best results washing only 2-3 times a week.

2. Think about the water you're using. Is it unfiltered tap? I either use boiled water or bottled water since I don't have a water filter at home.

3. Dead skin will build up very quickly. When I first got into this regimen, I did no-water for several months and let the dead skin build up. I don't think this is necessary. These days I gently rub off dead skin with slightly moist fingers.Then I brush my face with warm, moist cotton wool to gently remove the dead skin that I'd rubbed off my face. See what works for you.

Keep it up. This regimen will change your skin. It may not completely clear your acne, but you will notice major improvements with your skin texture.

There are a number of hidden advantages to this regimen too. For example, hassle free mornings!

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So it's been a week... and I've had the weirdest skin of my life. The same day I started this regimen I started for the first time, birth control. This complicates things, I know... and makes it 10x harder to determine if my skin is reacting to the regimen or the pill. But... maybe one of you can determine which reaction is which.

The first few days I noticed my skin's barrier becoming more water resistant, it felt thicker and definitely less dry and irritated. old scars were getting flaky, and all the breakouts I began with were gone.

New breakouts were popping up everywhere though.. clogged pores on my chin, which never breaks out, my cheeks had little tiny whiteheads which Never Ever breaks out. Pores on my nose were clogged, and my normal irritated areas (around the mouth and inbetween eyebrows) were like mountain ranges of bumps--some were whiteheads, most haven't come to the surface.

So I didn't panic, which is unlike me because I tend to get pretty emotional about my acne. This is mainly because they were all flesh colored, and from a reasonable distance you couldn't really tell.

The next few days were just ups and downs.

My skin started producing SO much oil, I found myself needing to splash cold water (limit 1x a day) on my face just to get rid of it. But my skin had such a build up it felt like the water was just rolling off, so i used a washcloth to gently rub that layer down a little bit. This helped immediately after the water dried, my skin didn't feel taught or over-oily, but balanced.

This made me concerned about the regimen, am I producing so much oil because of my hormones and the pill, or is it a result of my new (poor-hygene) regimen? I started to lose faith...

So sunday, yesterday, (1 Week mark) I decided I needed to exfoliate a tiny bit. I decided there was no way my skin can breathe through this mucky layer of oil and that must be why it's clogging everywhere. I did a LIGHT light sugar scrub and I think it helped.

The clogged pores become more and less obvious throughout the day, it almost seems like a rash.

When I wake up in the morning it all seems fine, then within an hour my skin has produced so much oil every pore becomes raised and irritated and a little red.

I decided that I have more faith in my regimen than in birth control So i decided im going to stop it completely--the only reason I went on it was to control my acne but i think it could be interfering with the regimen, making me more oily.

Is it possible that my skins barrier is already repaired because it feels so over protected by thick oil all the time? If so, then the only problem I have left is the over production of oil. I guess when I stop the birth control I'll figure out if the over-production is hormonal (the pill) or has regulated.

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The only times i wash my face, are in the morning if I feel oily, and during a shower. so Twice a day max.

Before i started fiddling with my skin, the tap water I used never broke me out so i don't think that is a factor... (nothing broke me out really)

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