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2 Weeks On Pc Clear System...



So...I have been using the Paula's choice clear system for ALMOST 2 weeks now and WOW can i see huge changes in my skin :) Definitely for the better!

So...I decided the 5% BP is way too strong for my skin...I don't know why but every time I used it I would be bright red and burning so I decided to ask for the 2.5% sample instead. BTW her customer service is oustanding...for NO cost they quickly sent me the regular strength CLEAR kit in the mail...well the 2 week sample size but still!

So...I want to say I've only been on this exact regimen for about a week in a half or so.

But I"m using PC Normalizing Cleanser, Extra Strength 2% BHA Exfolient and the 2.5% BP then Cerave PM Facial Moisturizer.

I'm loving this routine so far...i have to admit my skin freaked out a little likely because I began using 5 new products all at once LOL and because i think the BHA was pushing the crap lying on the surface layer out which is what its supposed to do. I mean you can't have smooth skin without getting the gunk out. I had some deep under the skin bumps that had been there forever...within 1 week of using this stuff a few of those quickly surfaced and healed! This is powerful stuff! Even though I am not in the clear just yet, my skin is changing...becoming much more soft and even. Also, when I do get a pimple its gone within like 2 days which is amaze balls lol.

I have an amazing feeling about this line! I'm just gonna keep on truckin grinwink.gif and hope for the best!

I have been taking zinc, vitamin d, multi and vitamin a daily...i need to get more probiotics!

Side note...not having to do with PC products....

I've been making time to go to yoga and workout...this makes a huge difference not in my skin necessarily but for my wellbeing and my mind...it is an instand mood booster and so important. I think a huge part of my skin problem is STRESS! Physical activity is a known stress reliever just sayin rolleyes.gif

I got some of PC 5% AHA samples in the mail today....i'm considering using that at night...but terribly afraid to introduce my skin to yeet another new product as of right now lol! We'll see!

So far so good, don't be afraid to try something new! And LOVE yourself more importantly than anything wub.png



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