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Day 69 Of Accutane.



Cysts. I hate them. I have a new one on my chin. One under my nose. One on my forehead. One next to my ear. One under my chin. And one scab from one. Oh also one next to my eyebrow. I hate these things they take forever to go away! Oh I remember I have another one on my forehead. It's just fantastic! My back is also breaking out again! I really think my dermatologist should have upped my dose last time I was there. This is rediculous.

So besides my horrible cysts I still have lots of whiteheads and blackheads. I swear it feels like I have been on Accutane for 69 years not days. My face is so dry and I seriously am about to go crazy. Not to mention the redness is horrible and my hands are peeling and I have wired bumps on my palms. I can't even wear short sleeved shirts.

My friend uses hand sanitizer on her face. Like literally she takes hand sanitizer and runs it in her face. And a few months ago she had acne that was moderate and now her face is so smooth! She was like it burns a little but it works! I seriously wish I would have tried that!


Girl, so sorry to hear this:-(, I hope you feel better this and kick this B...acne in the nuts. I am sure it WILL get better, sending lots of positive energy and good wishes your way!

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I read some where the other day that you were looking for something for dry/eczema type rashes. I have been using for the past few days Egoderm Cream, which is for dry, itchy, red, lumpy rash type things- I had this one particular spot on my chin thats extra dry and a big rash came up, 3 nights of using this cream and it ia almost gone (it stinks really bad though). Maybe you could give that a go?

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