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Starting Accuatne



Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my experience/ story on accutane/Isotretinoin. I started devloping mild acne when I was around 17 - which was controlled and cleared with antibiotics. Since then (8 years on) I starting getting out breaks of acne which would randomly appear and go away after a few weeks and I would have normal clear skin most of the time. Untill last december when i had my worst breakout ever. I have got large painful inflamed cysts on my t-zone area. My acne is strange as before december my skin was pretty much clear and you would never think I had acne. I was comfortable to go out with no make up on but its funny how your whole life can change when acne hits you.

Ive literally looked as though i had been beaten up... my face was swollen with painful puss filled cysts... Although, it has calmed down I still have large cysts on my forhead and under my skin on cheeks... I decided to go on accutane at the beginning of march 2013 (as i have tried all the antibiotics my body can handle and topicals).

So the dermo started me on 25mg - as i was afraid of the side affects and of having some sort of allergic reaction. I am now on week 3 day 18 but have been bumped up to 40mg (starting today).

I didnt really experience many side affects whilst being on 25mg....

Side effects 25mg (up to week 3)

  • itchy scalp
  • few headaches (at the very start)
  • blackheads on nose (i never had black heads before so this was definitely a side effect)
  • redness jumping back in acne
  • lips slightly dry entrying week 3 (not that noticable though)

    I dont know why my skin hasnt dried out and my lips as much as other people...but im guessing now that im starting 40mg i will prob start to feel it more.

    Acne update so far (day 18)

    • painful LARGE cysts on forehead
    • Inflamed spots on forehead
    • underground cysts
    • red marks/scarring

    I really hope that the 40mg works for me and gets rid of the huge lumps (they literally 3D) make me look and feel so ugly. I am embarrassed to go out and feel so depressed!

    I hope anyone who reads this and is going through or feeling the same way as me finds comfort knowing theyre not alone. Please feel free to get in touch! Its nice talking to other people who know what acne really feels like.

    talk soon...

    A girl struggling with acne



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