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Achievable,real And Balanced Holistic Healthy Living!post 1



hello friends!

am new here..yes.

am here to maintain this blog so that i can help as many as i can to achieve what's called a 'balanced healthy life'.

and by that i dont mean u'll have to omit more than half the food items from your diet.

also,i refuse to believe one has to live like a patient all the time to lead a overall healthy life.

now,i am going to target 3 of the most grave issues(most common in that sense!) and mention 3 habits which are unreal sacrifices that u make in the hope that u'll get well.

1st would be acne.yes,ACNE!.

well,we are all here to talk that out..ain't we?!

i don't think i need to describe what acne is,it's type..so i'll talk about how it can be a symptom of ill-health.

your body lacks(or has excess of) something..whether it's hormones(hormonal acne),gut health,cleanliness or normal bodily processes like skin renewal,size of pores,dead cell removal,environmental defense mechanism etc.

it's not just the food that makes u have pimple/acne unless u're really allergic to some food.

if u're not then it's the blogs and people u meet & the insecurity and desperation that u have that stops u from eating possibly any and everything..just for the sake of being clear.

i understand your state of mind.=)

i've been through that..and am still not completely out of it.

but what i've realised is that u need to attack the root cause and just not the eating habit.

like if banana makes u breakout,u probably react to something present in banana.

some people say dairy make them breakout..but that's not true for all.

yes,it might not be true for you.

i know people who have dairy in fair amount and are still clear or clearer than they have been before(that is to say they had acne but now are better..even though they never gave up on dairy).

so please chose the kind of food u shouldn't eat..ones that don't suit u(not just a generalized idea).

other times,it's likely that u're already having some problem inside.as a result of which u r having problem reacting to that particular food.

so u should(ideally!) worry about the main cause and not just stop having that food.

also,it's not natural to just quit eating food items blindly.

refined stuff is bad.true!

but not all grain/wheat is BAD(in that sense u know!)

wheat is suppose to be the part of our diet.

have chapati(roti) or any sort of healthy flat-bread (without oil or spice or yeast that is).

thats the way it should be.

man's gut has evolved over the time to eat such foods as these..cooked food,cooked vegetables,juices,protein cooked thoroughly and ofcourse wheat/grain/cooked rice/pulses etc etc.

so embrace that.

eating like a caveman would probably mean eating raw flesh of wild animal.

if u do that and still be alive,fit and walking..i'd say u're special.

but for the rest of us..go for a BALANCED real achievable diet.

eat in decent amount the right way,the right time.then, (unless u have some problem deep within) u'll not be badly effected.

this time it was mostly about food..i mean to write more from the fitness/yoga/body process perspective soon.

keep reading and reacting.

(please leave a note,however small or big it is..so that i can understand that u've stopped)

question if u doubt,am here for u.

ask if u wanna know more.i can't promise u,i'd know it all.but i can help,enquire myself and later get back to u.



([email protected])


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