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Acne&eczema "oh My"



As a teen I had your run of the mill acne that was treated with antibiotics and some creams from the dermatologist. As I got into my twenties I started having some kind of atopic dermatitis acne and possibly rosacea. I would use drying creams for the acne and then my skin would be scaly and irritated. I tried Accutane which was a miracle for a short while but eventually seemed to stop working. The side effects were rough and some long lasting. I got peels and tried retin-A and other topical acne medications. I tried birth control which I couldn't handle but seemed to clear up my skin a bit. I started researching the subject and spending thousands on different products. I saw specialists from estheticians to dermatologist but nothing really gave results, at least long lasting ones. With my own biology background I started to become an expert on the subject and began formulating my own routine. By my 30th birthday I was suffering from cystic acne, pigmentation and eczema all in the same area, my chin and neck area. This is my story to help those of you out there who are at the end of your rope.