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What Worked For Moi....



Like many acne suffers, I have tried MANY products from high end to do it yourself DIYs, without any success. I have done my own research on the anatomy of the skin, acne, UVA UVB and pretty much everything that has to do with skin. Like everyone I went through ads and commercials trying to find the Holy Grail Skin Care Routine but failed miserably.......

Until..... I stumbled upon OCM (Oil Cleansing Method).......

For those of you who haven't heard about this wonderful Method, you can look it up here on da links. Please continue reading if you want to hear my personal opinion on OCM.





About 2 years or so ago, I tried using the OCM and it all started really well. Every skin problem I had was quickly solved within days and/or weeks. It was honestly shocking that such a simple routine could give me results that the beauty industry promised but never delivered. For 5 months I continued using a cocktail of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Castor Oil with really good results until I got blackheads from using Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So one day I decided to add Tea Tree Oil and that's when my entire life started falling apart.

The Tea Tree Oil made my skin utterly horrendous! Skin started peeling, I got bumps and red marks on areas where I usually don't get any. My face was a huge hot mess. Due to this I became depress, started missing school and gave up my hobbies....... I have done my research and Basically Tea Tree Oil is a oxidizing agent, meaning it literally damages the vital cells that protects you just like hydrogen peroxide. Vitamins and Antioxidants exists to prevent our cells from oxidizing which causes them to age, produce poorly made cells and cause acne. It took me over a year to realize this and for the whole year my face was "shit". Nothing worked for me, my skin couldnt tolerate products that the dermatologists gave me.

Fast forward to this month, I started using the Oil Cleansing Method once again except the difference was SUNFLOWER OIL and Holy baby Jesus My skin is finally clearing up!!! I have no more acne and what is left are Hyper pigmentation or dark spots but those are healing as well. I finally have my LIFE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really want to share this method because it is extremely effective WITH the right oil. I really don't recommend you try Jojoba Oil, Olive, Grape-seed and Castor because these oils are highly comedogenic and my skin did not tolerate them at all. Many who have used these oils may start really well but gradually it will cause blackheads and whiteheads. That is why if you check the reviews on sites like Makeupalley OCM recieved a very low rating and it is because of the oils that should NOT be used on the face. LINK>>>>>


But for those who used Sunflower Oil they had a VERY very positive reaction to it, myself included. LINK >>>>>>


The only Oil that I use until this day is Sunflower Oil. Just a cheap oil that you can fin in your local supermarket that costs under 5 dollars.

Sunflower Oil is a basic ingredient in cosmetics and it seems that only High End Brands like Lancome uses this as its main ingredient in a product called Genefique Nutricks. I have tried the moisturizer as a sample I received via mail and it was extremely good.

The Sun started shining once again in my life :)

PS: Excuse my poor grammar I did not originate from a English SPeaking Country.