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Day One

mr. matt


Last night, I decided to do my third 25% TCA peel.

I washed my face with a vitamin c wash containing green tea and then rinsed off all of the residue.

I then used Witch Hazel to remove any soap and oil residue.

Then, I applied three separate coats of TCA to my entire face and took photos. My face frosted after the second coat.

Yes, it was painful. I positioned a fan on my face for about 15 minutes and then washed my face with soap and water.

I applied a 50% glycolic acid solution to my neck. I've read that TCA can scar the neck, so I used glycolic acid.

I neutralized the acid on my neck and then applied Aquaphor all over my face and neck.

Going to sleep was not so easy due to the pain, but I eventually fell asleep.