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Having An Open Mind...



So...a little history of Ashley's skin trials and errors:

Began getting mild acne age 13-16

very mild but bothersome and constant. Never really followed any regimen.

Age 17...moderate acne...began using pro active and hated it. Skin continues to worsen, i take my first trip to the derm and get prescribed doxycycline which clears up my skin in 2 months...until i decide to stop taking the medicine and my acne returns!

18-20 moderate acne...sometimes clearer than others, but constant.

20...began Daniel Kern's regimen with success. THis cleared me up big time, i still got occasional pimples, but nothing like before. At age 23 I decided i was sick of the whole thing and stopped the regimen...began using other products with no acne fighting ingredients...fast forward 6 months later and I have full blown cystic acne all over my face! I had never experienced this kind of acne, it killed my self esteem and caused me major depression. I went back to the derm and was prescribed minocycline and epiduo...did nothing. Began accutane...clear in a few months! I was overjoyed it felt like I had a new life, one in which every thought didn't revolve around my skin.

Just 1 year later...acne is back. Not terrible, but mild. I'm pissed, wasn't accutane a CURE!

So its back on dans regimen...which worked pretty good...better than anything else at least.

Then at 25 i begin using mary kay products...which do not agree with my skin at all...and i'm breaking out again constantly. Its back to dans regimen...which isn't really working...so i go vegan and try all kinds of supplements and diet/lifestyle changes....I'm pretty clear within 3 months but once i let go for the holidays my acne is back and constant within a month.

So now...I'm fed up. I wanna give this crap a swift kick in the rear and tell it to high tail it outta my life!

I was always interested in Paula's Choice Products and love reading her advice. So I decided to order her Clear Extra strength line last Friday it came in the mail. And wow...i got overly excited and totally burnt/dried out my face! Took me 3 days to recover.

I think the 5% BP is WAYYY to strong for me. So i think i'm going to try the 2.5% bp along with the extra strength bha and i started using cerave facial moisturizer PM. So, this is my new regimen morning and night for the next few weeks to see what happens. I am interested in only using the bha in the mornings and adding some aha in at night instead...but just wanna see what happens on this for a moment.

I am begining to take some supplements: Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin A, Multi daily

Looking into adding B5 and fish oil.

So...been on this regimen about 2 days...so will update in a few more days.

Have a great weekend everyone!




Hey dear I admire your determination! I had acne since the age of 12 it was mild and now its not really bad but because of the marks of my previous break outs I look terrible !its so hard for people without acne to understand how depressing this is .I avoid any social life whatsoever .I'm currently on my last week of my 4th month on Diane and I'm still breaking out ! Good luck can't wait for some clear skin !

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Thanks for the support! I know it seems like people that have never had breakouts just can't wrap their head around how hard it would be to carry around your biggest insecurity on your face!!!! I do have to say though life is to short for you to avoid social situations! Anyone who is a real friend or really loves you won't care one way or the other and that's a fact! I'm trying not to let my skin dictate my mood because its ridiculous as much as it's inevitable!

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