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First Ever Visit To A Dermatologist

Liam Foster


So i finally visited one. It was a very late appointment and i was the only patient there, it felt weird. He was a very nice guy however told me what i already knew, about how acne is caused blah blah, about the sweat glands and sebum etc. That is the dermatologists theory, but my instincts tell me otherwise as to why im having acne. Anyways, i poured my heart out to him, explaining how severely depressed i am and that's where his look changed. Prior to me pouring my heart out, he explained what roaccutane was (as if i didnt already know) and asked me what i knew about the side effects etc. He said that because of health and safety, it's very difficult for doctors just to hand it over then and there. Then i told him about my depression, and he then changed some things. He told me that i would need accutane however he needed to run some liver tests first and foremost, and therefore he wants me to try a drug named Trimethoprim. He said that this should relieve some of the stubborn acne and help, however i wasnt 100% sure that it would be the miracle drug as he described. One thing i am scared about however, is getting my blood taken. I have a really bad phobia of blood and cringe everytime i see it, so im not looking forward to that one bit :( But hopefully my liver will be healthy and i will be able to get started on accutane, finally. Oh and i have to see another psychiatrist. 20 years old and i need mental help, blood samples and pumped with harmful drugs, what a life! :)


I am also scared of blood and needles but make sure you look away! Also the psychiatrist I'd because you have depression. Accutane can cause you to be more depressed or become suicidal so they have to make sure your okay to take the medicine (: they give you a whole book about it and its one of the major side effects! But Accutane has done great things for my skin so far! Good luck!

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Yeah i hate them as well, but if my grandma can get blood taken at the age of 85, then i should be able to haha. And Accutane is my last and only hope of getting rid of this nightmare

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I have been on it for about 3 months and it has not changed my mood in the slightest.. if any thing seeing the improvement has taken me out of hell and Im feeling amazing. the first month was really hard for me and i wanted to hide, but things are looking up now! best of luck!

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It breaks my heart to hear you speak like this. Accutane will definately help you.

IMO the stress of worrying about your skin will cause more outbreaks.

Stress releases negative toxins into the body. Accutane will have side effects like tiredness and dry lips. Keep them moisturised with vaseline.

Try the regimen as well. It can't hurt to have a healthy diet. Plenty of greens and water. IMO don't overdo the fruit juice. Many nights I have cancelled to stay in and only close friends understand when you pull out last minute. They are the ones that will come visit you. Blow the rest.

2 things. Do not mix accutane with alcohol and never with recreational drugs.


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