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One Month!



It's been a month!

And in the past three days my skin has been a total rollar coaster. It felt like all of the spots on my face decided to pick up and move to my chin. I had twelve inflamed, under the skin nasty spots all on the right side of my chin. There were so many and they were so painful. But after an intensive course of steaming and hot compresses they all came to a head, were popped, and a liberal coating of honey was applied for most of the day.

As of now my entire face is clear of active acne, but covered in red marks and drying scabs. And hopefully when they go... nod.gif

I've just taken my first pill from my second strip of Dianette, and I'm over half way through the antibiotics.


I know its extremely hard but I'm sure this will all be worth the wait . I can't wait wen I don't have to worry about sleep overs,dates,parties because of my ugly skin . I just wanna be myself nd have fun .I'm on my 4th month of Dianne and I'm still waiting patiently .good luck

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Thank you, I totally agree. Having acne holds you back in every way, and you don't feel like yourself anymore. Good luck, I hope it works for you :)

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