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I Started Accutane 22 Months Ago



22 months ago, I was 14 years old, and I started taking accuane. I took a few pills a week, and gradually took more and more. I never officially ended Accutane. My doctor never told me, "All right, that's it, you're done!" My last appointment was over 6 months ago. I still have some pills left, I take a couple every month. So how's my skin doing? It's amazing! I never thought that my skin could be so clear. I still break out. But honestly, I hardly notice it. I usually have a small blemish or two on my skin every day, but they are tiny and unnoticeable. They heal quickly. They aren't cystic. They are usually just tiny pink bumps. It's rare that I can even pop them. It feels so wonderful to have clear skin. It has changed my life SO much. I'm a totally different person. I'm confident, I can have fun, I can TOUCH my face, I can look in mirrors without being depressed for several days. I used to avoid all mirrors. They were one of my biggest fears. Now, I can easily look in mirrors. It's amazing! My skin still isn't perfect. It gets red really easily, but that's not because of the Accutane. I've always had really red, sensitive skin. I hate it, but I can deal with it. I have a really bad scar on my right jaw. It's a big pink lump from a bad cystic breakout I had a few months into my Accutane journey. I'm living with it though, and although I wish it were gone, I can accept it. I used to have really bad discoloring and scarring on my cheeks, but those have healed. I used to have this crescent shaped area under my eye. Under my eye was clear, white skin, and then there was a sharp crescent line where the scarring was. It's gotten a lot better now, and although the skin still isn't perfect, it looks pretty normal, especially with makeup. I love makeup. Anyway, the only permanent side effects I've noticed is the cracking of my joints, but I don't mind. It's not painful, and it's kind of cool, honestly. My skin used to be really oily, before I took Accutane. However, now it's just a little oily. I get a slight shine on my forehead and nose, but it's not too bad. I used to have to rub my face against something to wipe off the grease, but not anymore! Accutane is amazing. I cannot express my gratitude enough. My skin is SAVED! I no longer consider myself a girl with acne. I'm just a girl with an occasional zit, and I'm totally okay with that. I started getting acne when I was 8 years old, and I had to start wearing makeup when I was 10. The acne got pretty bad when I was 11, I had at least 5 zits everyday. When I was 13, it got really out of control. It was cystic. When I was fourteen, the acne was only getting worse, and other medications and surgeries weren't working at all- so I started Accutane. My skin had a horrible initial breakout. A couple if months after I started, I turned 15. On my fifteenth birthday, my skin had never looked worse. I was covered in cysts, dry patches, oil, pustules, blackheads, and pink bumps. It was the worst birthday ever. I'm so glad that stage of my life is over, it was almost unbearable. Accutane saved me, I hope it can save you!


your story is scary similar to mine. i hope i can get over acne without needing any drugs or antibiotics in the future too!

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