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Day Twenty-Eight



I've been on the antibiotics for a month now, and in three days it'll have been a month on the Dianette. I'm on my seven day break from the pill at the moment and (fingers crossed) don't seem to have had a flare-up.

So, my skin. It has improved, but it still looks awful. Due to all the red acne marks (which I never used to get) I look like I've got a mild case of chicken pox. There are red dots all over my inner cheeks, lower jaws, sides of chin and a couple on my forehead. But, in the active acne department, I only have six active spots and unless they turn Hydra and sprout new heads, they're on their way out.

Sorry to go into gorey details but I am keeping this as a record of my progress so I can look back and see if there is an improvement. I've got one big ex-cyst on my left cheek, and one spot on the left side of my chin. There is also one big spot on my left temple. On the right I have what was one big spot and now is a cluster of dying small spots on my inner cheek by my nose, one spot by my mouth and another on the right side of my chin, almost in symmetry with the one on my left. These are all (at the moment) in the process of dying and leaving yet more gorgeous red marks.

I keep telling myself to just be happy that the active acne seems to be dying. But it is quite hard to feel optimistic with tons of red marks which, to anyone looking at my face, look exactly like spots. I know they're not because they're totally smooth, just marks on my skin. I wish I could find a product which would fade them, but I'm scared that I'll aggravate the active acne. I suppose I just have to wait it out. At least flat red marks can probably be covered by make-up, unlike the lumpy spots.

I'm still drinking carrot juice, still taking vitamin D, still drinking at least five big glasses of water, still eating 5 of my 5 a day, still eating as much fish as I can (to the horror of my family who all dislike fish) and I'm using more La Roche Posay products. My regime is:


- Cleanse with LRP Micellar Water and a Cotton Pad.

- Moisturise with LRP Effaclar H (I don't normally bother with moisturiser but seeing as I've become more aggresive in my spot attacking, my skin was getting quite sore and dry. This is fantastic, as I only need a tiny amount, and it doesn't make my already oily skin hundreds of times worse. I'm hoping it might also help fade the marks).

- Treat any sore pimples with a dab of honey.


- Cleanse with LRP Effaclar Foaming Facial Gel

- Treat with LRP targeted blemish A.I (I smoother this all over the breakouts and the marks).

So that's it. I'm hoping to leave the house to go and stay with a friend of mine in two days time. This'll be a big leap for me, as I'll have to take my make-up off at night whilst I am there, and let my scary skin be seen. I don't mind my friend seeing, she is my friend after all, but she has no idea that I've had acne this bad. And this is it getting better! Also, I don't really want her housemates to see, but I suppose I may have to get used to people seeing my skin one day, as I may have to accept that it'll never entirely go away.

Sorry for the long ramble. I'm feeling oddly mixed emotion wise at the moment, and typing it through sort of helps me.


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