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Day 5



So far so good. The dry skin is not too bad. The other major side effect to worry about is dry eyes. Since I wear contacts this is something that is really important for me. I have mild acne so I have not really seen much of a break out (I hope I don't have one). Feel free to ask me any questions!


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HI there, I am on day 1! I just took it a few hours ago. So I am watching for any symptoms, I confess I coudn't sleep last night, worrying I was gonna start today.

I have mild acne too, but I get a few cysts on my chin and black heads and I am 39 so I'm just fed up with it.

I weigh about the same as you, height about the same, and I am also on 20 mg. Will your doctor bump you to 40 next month???

How are you washing your face? what products do you use?

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Congratulations! I'm glad at least someone is reading my posts. After I started last week I found out that the dry skin is really hard to deal with, so I went and got a Clean & Clear face wash and Clean & Clear lotion that prevents acne. I'm sure you can find both of these at a local Walgreens.

I also would recommend getting some type of eye drops. The dry eyes can be pretty bad at times. I have contacts, so I end up just using contact solution, which works well for me.

Other than that I would just recommend drinking A LOT of water. Apparently the drug drains your body so you need to supply it with fluids.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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