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Day Nineteen.



So I decided (out of laziness and over anticipation) to postpone images until I'm more into my treatment. :P This stuff really is amazing and I still am doing research as to how it does what it does... After tomorrow, I'll be done with my second pack of ten gels which I'm pretty stoked about. As far as continued side effects go... Pain all over my body hasn't changed- just my old injuries, which are persistent but not enough for me to take too much consideration into (I can still run without my knees screaming at me). My scalp is pretty dry though :( which is to be expected, and my hair kind of breaks off but it's just normal hairloss for anybody (like 100 hairs a day, more or less depending on the color/condition of it). I use Creme de La Mer (the original stuff) and if anybody cares to read reviews on it, take them ALL with a grain of salt (if they are not good reviews) because more than likely, the user is using it wrong... I'll go more into depth at the end here. I use eyecream RELIGIOUSLY. My favorites are: Burts Bees (for a drugstore go to), Origins (I think it's called Gin-Zing, which is INCREDIBLE for brightening and hydration, and I also use the Eye Doctor), and if I really want to pamper myself? La Prarie is nice as well... But for the cause, aquaphor is really good for the edges of my eyes. One new-ish but not surprising at all side effect I am having are frequent nose bleeds... They suck, but I use a cotton swab and aquaphor to moisturize inside of my nose and it works wonders. As for my hair, to prevent loss/breakage beyond normal loss from the growth cycle, I use the Nourishair by GNC and it is the men's version (pretty sure it has more biotin in it than the original and the women's), and I picked up the Aveda Invati scalp revitalizer, which I'm pretty convinced on just because I was in the industry and the science makes perfect sense. As for moisture of my hair itself, I keep my hair washes at about twice a week, if that and I use Kevin Murphey's hydration wash and rinse and it's phenomenal. I also use Moroccan Oil on my hair and scalp as well (probably not so much my scalp because of my revitalizer). I have really short hair as well and I get away with using about 5 pumps of the oil... Body cream really hasn't been that much of a necessity beyond typical winter dryness (the beauty of Colorado, again) -_____________-

As far as my face and breakouts (the part that matters haha) are concerned, I'm now recieving compliments on my skin and have gotten "porclean" and "dewy" and "flawless" out of people. I even had someone who asked if I was wearing make up! :o Awkward but it's decent, my now empty wallet clearly (no pun intended) went to a good cause... :P

So to combat the dryness of my facial skin, I'm using La Mer's creme... A pea size amount and you're set... If you happen to drop by Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, pick up samples of it before trying of course, but I promise you won't be disappointed. My old rep told me to rub (emulsify) the cream in my fingers to "warm it up." Put it on your palm, rub until your hands feel like they're flaming, and you should have what looks like a clear gel, from a thick white cream, and press it into your face. Do not rub though, because I notice (with any product) if I rub my face, it turns red... It always has. It doesn't come off greasy or anything and your skin, if used correctly, should quench itself over time with it on, however I do reccomend it for night time... As for cleansing? I don't cleanse my skin all but three times a week and that's with water and nothing else... Cetaphil even burns my face... I just let the Accutane do its job and help myself by moisturizing and being thrilled with it so far! Feel free to message me with questions about any of it too! I'm pretty fluent in my product knowledge (from YSL cosmetics to M.A.C and even Nivea, Olay... I really have tried them all).


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One other product that I found works pretty good is by Aveeno for psoriasis prevention (as I have frequent outbreaks, and even since I was a child) and it is a colloidal oatmeal bath... I use two packets instead of one and I submerge my entire self into it to soak for about an hour... Throw in a deep conditioner and you're set :D

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