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Day Twenty-Five



And I've changed my regime again! Just washing with water doesn't seem to do enough, and the epsom was making my face really red and irritated. It was certainly bringing the infection to the surface of my skin (loads of new whiteheads) but I think it's too harsh to use everyday.

So, seeing as my skin seems to have become intolerant to pretty much everything, I asked around and a friend recommended the La Roche Posay products. I've seen them before, but never actually tried them. The bottles are very confusing, and it's hard to tell which does what. I've started using the Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser which says it is for intolerant skin which is allergic to pretty much everything. It's a new experience as the product is quite creamy, and doesn't have to be washed off. I do rinse though. Having oily skin already, I don't really want to leave an extra film. I've used it once so far and my face was a lot less red the next day. It's also really soft!

I also, on a whim, bought the La Roche Posay targeted breakout cream. It's in the E range, and has A.I in the name. It seems to have really helped in just one night. The really big spots are still red, but no way near as large or bumpy. Lots of the smaller pimples have gone, and even some of the scarring has faded! So at the moment I'm really pleased, and fingers crossed it'll keep working. It does dry out my skin a bit, but I think that'll balance with the Dermo-Cleanser.

I'm drinking a lot more water, and still having my daily carrot juice. I still don't really like the taste but if I water it down it isn't so bad. I'm currently on my seven day break from Dianette and haven't - touch wood - had any dramatic change in my skin.


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