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Tapering Down The Amoxicillin And Cephalexin



as many of you know. I take massive doses of antibiotics. I am considering reducing the amount of medication I ingest daily to the normal amount. But, it is with fear and trepidation. Today I have only taken ten 500mg amoxicillins and cephalexins. My skin is still totally clear so I am carefully considering taking only three 500mg amoxicillin per day. I am nervous because my skin is so smooth now and I never breakout anymore, but at the same token, its tricky to keep the dose that high. I am starting to reduce my dose and I'll post pics after a month of normal dose anti-biotics. Of course I will still use my topical acne slayers: BENZACLIN, CLINDAGEL, RETIN-A. WISH ME LUCK!


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Thanks Sick...I am sick of yuck skin too. Thank god my doctor found me a routine that greatly reduces my acne. I never have huge breakouts anymore and I do get the occasional (every 2-3 months) single zit. I just ignore it. On an average day my skin appears normal. I don't have cystic acne anymore. My fear is that if I back off from the antibiotics the acne may return. I am literally quaking in my boots. Thanks for the luck wish.

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