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I Switch Products Too Much



So yesterday marked the last pill of my third pack of Alesse. I breezed through them really quickly- partly due to the fact that I skipped a period by taking them consecutively, but mainly because I took one measly pill 4 hours late and it sparked a 10 day breakthrough bleeding extravaganza. I had to double up my dosage on three separate days (two days in a row which seemed to stop it, then two days later it came back and I doubled again). The Alesse didn't do any of the horror story stuff i've read on this board to my skin- it made it look pretty damn nice. Nicer than its been in a while. But I still wasn't close to clear by the end of the third pack- I was having clear days, but I was also using my borrowed Tactuo and I usually had a few whiteheads or a cyst just under the surface. So obviously I decided to switch pills- if im going to be on the pill it should be one that clears me. The fact that my skin got better on a pill as low estrogen/high androgenic activity as Alesse hopefully means it will improve even more on a better one.

The doctor I went to to get my new pill was awesome! I go to a clinic doctor- I don't have a gyno or a derm, and my family doctor is far away. I had finally decided I wanted an acne topical presciption as well, and we talked a lot about my acne and the pill. He switched me to Marvelon- medium androgenic, but higher estrogen so fingers crossed. He said it should help with breakthrough bleeding as well. He also gave me Benzaclin lotion (BP and topical antibiotic) and let me know that next time I come in wanting to switch pills for purely acne, he'll give me spiro instead. Its nice to know I have that option in three months.

I'm trying to work out a good regime with this Benzaclin- its so drying!

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