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3Rd Month

It has been awhile since I have updated. During that time nothing really changed. It has now. I'm just getting into my third month and my face is FINALLY completely clear. I have ONE small pimple that has been around for a long time but it is small and going away. I am completely AMAZED when I look in the mirror.

My side effects are still around. Some have gotten better and some far worse. My face is now peeling in certain areas which makes make-up application much harder. I still use foundation even though my face is now clear because I still have scarring I like to cover up.

My lips are still extremely dry, which I'm assuming will last until I am off of this. I wake up to cracked and bleeding lips even though I LOAD up on aquaphore before bed.

I am definately more tired and achey. When I move too quick or have a long day my joints are pretty sore.

All of this is WELL worth it though because my face looks AMAZING!