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Month 6 - End (Pics)

Bobby Stephenson


Month 6

Duration - Feb. 9, 2012 - Mar. 12, 2013

Skin - completely clear

LDL Cholesterol - 120 (up 16 points!)

Triglycerides - 163 (yikes!)

Missed 3 random days of pills because I was outside having fun with my clear skin!!!

Don't ask for extra dressing on your sandwiches! They are bad for your cholesterol!!! This is the first time my triglycerides was even mentioned, and my LDL cholesterol jumped back up to 120 (same as month 1)!!! But it's finally over and I am done with Accutane!

My Symptoms and Survival Tips

Dry nostrils / mouth

Buy a jar of Aquaphor, buy some of those lip balm from the dollar store, empty it, put Aquaphor into the container and carry it everywhere! It has been 6 months and i barely used 1/3 of my Aquaphor.

Bloody Stool

I had this once. Make sure to drink a lot of water and poop slooooowly when constipated.

Dry eyes / pain

Start using eye drops. Don't be fooled into buying expensive ones. Find something cheap because they're not lotion and will evaporate very quickly. I got computer glasses too, +.50 for when using the computer. Install F.Lux software to reduce light on home / work computer.

Dry Skin / Rashes / Bumps

Moisturize it and it will go away.

6 Months of High Cholesterol

Normal < 99

Month 1 = 120 (system getting used to accutane)

Month 2 = 116

Month 3 = 110

Month 4 = 117

Month 5 = 104 (nothing but chicken breast and brown rice, yuck)

Month 6 = 120 (nothing but delicious sandwiches with extra dressing)

Well I am done with Accutane. Clear skin and happy! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!