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Feeling Pretty Blahhhh



I haven't felt so stressed about my skin since December of 2011 :( I'm counting down the days until I see my dermatologist (next Thursday).. It's really hard to wait this long and watch my skin get worse and worse, especially since I'm on spring break and should be enjoying this time off. Instead it's giving me more time to stress about my face D: My acne is moderate, has been persistent for almost 2 years now, and my skin gets oilier and oilier by the month it seems :( My mom has skin issues too and my older sister has been battling acne for years...Must be in our genes, lucky us! Over the last 2 years, I cut out dairy, experimented with vitamins, tried BCP, used Doryx for 6 months, a few topicals and OTC cleansers/acne systems, along with natural remedies like Tea Tree Oil. As scary as accutane can be, I'm more scared to keep living life worrying about my skin all day every day, and making it worse with all these gels & creams.. i just hope my dermatologist will understand and be willing to help me. I've read so many positive things about accutane for people with skin that sounded just like mine...I just need some moral support :(


Yeah, I totally feel you. I went to the dermatologist thinking the same thing! I absolutely refuse to have acne till I'm 30. Nope, I completely REFUSE. I think it's great that we've finally decided to put our foot down and conquer acne once and for all!

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Exactly! People always say "you'll grow out of it" and "it's not that bad".. But when you've been living with it since high school you get pretty sick of waiting for it to just go away. :( Especially since that's not a guarantee. I'm gonna ask my gyno for birth control tomorrow, maybe Yasmin, and see how that works.. Ill have to be on some type of birth control if I manage to get accutane from my derm next week anyway. Who knows, maybe the birth control will help on it's own! Here's to wishful thinking!!

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