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Day 9. The Calm Before The Storm?



My skin seems a lot "happier" this morning. No new breakouts, my face also seems a lot less red and bumpy. I realized that there is a major difference in how my skin looks before and after my shower (but dumbly, I took the two in different lighting). Therefore, today I've got a good amount of pictures to post.

I also decided to post my daily routine so I can stick with it. Also for your viewing pleasure rolleyes.gif


1. Eat: Raw spinach and whatever else I feel like eating.

2. Shower: Cetaphil (normal to oily skin wash), CVS self foaming facial pad, shampoo and conditioner. Cetaphil cream afterwards

3. Take one Monodox 100mg, one 750mg L-Tyrosine, one Portia BCP(levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol tablet, USP 0.15mg/0.03mg), & 20mg Adderall (generic).


4. Eat: Raw spinach and arugula, fermented soybeans + whatever I'm in the mood for.

5. Wipe with one CPTSU wipe all over face.

6. Gym: 30 minutes - 45 minutes


7. Eat: Raw spinach and arugula with whatever I'm in the mood for.

8. Shower: Cetaphil (oil control foam wash), CVS self foaming facial pad, wash hair with water throughly.

9. Wait five minutes for face to dry before putting a pea-sized amount of Ziana all over face and neck.

10. Wait two minutes for Ziana to dry then apply Cetaphil cream all over face and neck.

***Get at least eight hours of sleep***




Washes and Creams


Pills minus adderall(didn't think it was relevant)


Day 9 AM before wash


Day 9 AM before wash


Day 9 AM after wash


Day 9 AM after wash

Tomorrow I'll take both before and after pictures in the same lighting. The before pictures were taken in the bathroom right before I took a shower and the after pictures were taken at my desk by the window.

I think my face gets a lot redder after I shower because I exfoliate eusa_think.gif . I think exfoliating is really important because when you're on Ziana, the skin cells are rapidly proliferating and desquamating. Therefore, helping your skin get rid of the dead cells is essential.

This maybe too much information and kinda gross, but I'm trying to be completely honest.. I had these super small odd bumps on my butt (exactly where my butt bone meets the seat) for maybe five years, which really weren't noticeable so they didn't bother me much... but this morning I noticed that they all disappeared! I guess that means that they were zits?


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