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Month 2, Day 19.



Still continually breaking out. My skin is better than it was before starting accutane but i'm STILL getting pimples.

Before accutane, the only area I had pimples was around my jawline, lower face, but since starting accutane my jawline is completely clear and now my cheeks are the main area where I break out. The pimples fade within a few days, dry out super fast and flake off but then i'm left with these dry red marks. Will these marks fade?

Overall skin is defiantly much better but i just want ALL of my gross acne to go and never come back. So fed up of acne:'( I feel like iv'e spent the majority of my teenage years being depressed and obsessive about my skin

My life is so busy right now, i'm trying to balance out uni work with 30 hours of ward shifts and exams. I forgot to take accutane last night and i'm so pissed off with myself. I'm seeing my derm a week on Tuesday for a review, again hoping he ups my dose

I've also been ill this week with flu like symptoms, not sure if this is accutane related but i defiantly feel worse about an hour after taking accutane


-Run down, lack of energy

-lips seem much dryer this week

-cuts/ bruises/red marks take ages to heal

-dry skin around: nose, eyes, areas iv'e had pimples, in between fingers

-aching lower back and hips

-aircon/heating makes my eyes feel really dry

-dehydrated easily

Overall, feeling pretty shit right now. I'm aware my symptoms will get worse if they up my dose but i don't care, i'm so desperate to have clear skin like everyone else at work.

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