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Day Ten.



Pretty crazy stuff! Day ten, just finished my first pack of ten gels, and I quit paying attention to my skin, honestly, and I've been going off of opinions. All I've really heard was that my skin is REALLY improving. And I'm red, dry, peeling, my lips are annoying... Really, the only part of me really broken out is my forehead. In cosmetology school, I learned that forehead breakouts are a result of a bad diet, which ill admit, I eat pretty horribly (20 pieces from Mickey -D's are my best friend lol!). But as far as high triglycerides (which are apparently a common side effect), I have yet to do my second round of blood work. But weight gain- no problem. One thing that could just be a coincidence is pain in my lower back, shoulder, sternum, and feet (I used to be a pretty hard core gymnast and that beat my body up for a good four years, and those were my places of injury). So maybe it kind of makes me sore there, but as far as that's concerned, nothing that I'm going to freak about. I use the night creams every now and again... Facial treatments aren't really an issue- I just got a Venus freeze done and it didn't do anything bad (they're nice actually!) ill post pictures soon though. And I'll take note as to if my skin gets better after dietary improvements.. :)


Oh, and another side effect to take caution of- I live in Colorado, where it's too dry to even imagine... My nose bleeds a lot. I drink absurd amounts of water, and I've gotten to the point where aquaphor as about to make its way up there lol.

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