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Day 15

just over 2 weeks of accutane! i have to say the most terrible thing is itchiness, im so itchy all the time so i cant ever get to sleep but im so tired! and its been 2 fucking weeks:( also my eyes are terribly dry, around my eyes and one eyes always quite bloodshot when i wake up. its pretty horrible, my elbows are peeling too and i feel like im getting dandruff from this which is absolutely horrible but if i condition and leave it in for 3minutes it seems to get rid of it.

and ive not had any spots in about a week, but today i found one on my chin which i was expecting sooner or later. and im going to buy some tinted moisturiser instead of foundation so it clings to dead skin less, does anyone have any good brands or know any decent tinted moisturisers?

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