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Feelings On Acne



Sometimes I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

After buying and trying all the over the counter creams, lotions and potions under the sun, to using topical and medicated creams to having every available anti-biotic, cutting out various food groups from my diet, self esteem plumetting to an all time low, two courses of gruelling courses of roaccutane (accutane), I feel my acne slowly returning.

I am now at an endocrinologist but i feel as though i have lost all hope.

I feel like, to an extent, I should try and keep a posotive outlook on things, which I can sometimes in an "it could always be worse" sort of way.

But its hard to feel like things can get worse when you feel so low. I feel selfish feeling like this but I hate what I see when i look in the mirror.

Do I try and accept myself the way I am, or keep returning to life-ruling, gruelling medications that take toll on the rest of my looks whilst givnig me the skin i desire?

This is taking over my life and I don't know where to turn


I had a very similar thought today as I was applying my bha lotion and looking at myself in the mirror........."should i just give up, and just accept it ? ...there isnt much left to try".....and "yes ...it coud be worse".....

to be honest....this is easier said than done, and i dont think anyone is 100% able to do so....but you just have to accept yourself the way you are..., thats a sad realization, and i know it sounds harsh...but thats where i feel i am right now.

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Seriously, if you have tried Amoxil aka amoxicillin and it didnt work, then I'd give up. But just a caution, it took me two years of aggressive treatment before the breakouts just stopped. The pimples just stopped coming.

I use: Amoxil, benzaclin, clindagel, keflex and retin-a.

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Is Amoxil antibiotics or topcial treatment? I dont think Ive haerd of it..unless I know it by a different name? Where are you from ? Maybe the UK does different treatments.

@andres123 sometimes I feel like I need to be harsh on myself and make my self accept it. But I've been down that road before and it lead me to a bad place so thats why i tried.

@amoxilworx would you say those two years were worth it? how long have you been breakout free for?

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The drug is an antibiotic. Generically referred to as amoxicillin. The brand name for the medication is amoxil. Keflex or cephalexin as its generically called. I hope you can get those in th UK because they really work. My skin is now 100% improved.The two years were definitely worth it. I have been zit free for 6-9 months. I can't recall the exact date when I stopped breaking out completely. My face is smooth now, scars are fading fast and I can smile at my reflection. La la la, enough about me. Peace to you. (btw I am from Minnesota, U.S.A.)

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