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Blog Day 1

Hello! i have come to share my stories. i think they are relatable to many of you people out there. first and foremost, ive got the acne. No surprise, haha. Anyway, my acne story started when i was 8 years old. you heard right, 8 years. At that time i didn't give a crap about my face tho. At age 10 i started using Noxema and Proactive and some Eucalyptus wash and Clearasil. They yielded no results. That whole trial and error went on until i was age 12. Then when i was 13-14 my face freaked out. I literally only had one finger width of clearish skin. My entire face, neck, chest, back was infected by acne, I pretty much supressed it all freshmen year. The summer before sophomore year i went to a derm in Autlan, Mexico. She gave me Minocycline for a month and a half and she gave me gycolic acid, astringents, oil control face wash, an exfoliant, and two types of creams. (Night and Day creams). i used these religiously. And it was great! After a month or two i could touch my face again! i remember touching my cheeks and not feeling bumps. This was an amazing moment for me. i hadnt been able to touch my face for years. The success lasted a few months. i would have to go back to the derm for more mino and creams on a six month basis. I did this for two years. during that time i would still break out on my back, chest and neck. Cystic acne was a beezy. i always had one somewhere. i couldnt go to mexico at the end of junior year, so thats when my nightmare began again.

Finally, senior year. I started the year by going to the derm here in the states, he prescribed me doxycycline, tretinion cream .025% and erythomycin cream. i had told him that i had used these for a few months previously.(i used them mid way through junior year and at the end of junior year at the times when i couldnt go to mexico) anyway, he sent me off with these crappy meds and asked to see me in three months. i lasted three weeks before i had enough. my face got severely inflammed and i didnt want to go to school anymore. it was horrible. i begged my parents to take me to mexico. So we went to Tijuana. i went to a derm there and they immediately prescribed isotretinion. I was given a ph soap and some antibiotics and prednisone in addition to the accutane. i purged for two months and by the end of the third i only had a few spots by my definition. i am taking 20 mg of accutane daily and have been getting LED light therapy with microdermabrasion monthly. they have definitely helped. At the moment i am very much improved. i have a little bit of scarring which was a surprise, but i am satisfied so far. its almost been 6 months yet im still getting a few spots.

Yep a 190 pound, 6'2" guy on only 20 mg. this worries me. im pretty sure its not enough, so i requested to see another derm by my doctor and i am seeing one in april. I cant wait to see him so i can see if i can get on a higher dose. i wanna be on 120 mg. ill see how it goes. If anybody has some good acne stories share em, id love to hear them, muahahaha, try to beat my story!