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12Mo With Epiduo + Mino Anniversary



So about this time last year I was put onto a six-month Minocycline treatment course for acne. I finished my course in September.

I have to say, that stuff in awesome. It's nothing revolutionary, it's no Accutane. But it's done wonders for my skin and it's a lot better looking now that it was 12-18 months ago.

My forehead has cleared up completely (THANK GOD). I still get the occasional pimple/blackhead in my hairline or near my eyebrows but it's relatively easy to deal with.

My cheeks (mainly the areas closest to my nose) have cleared, and I only get minimal blackhead breakouts here. Still working on this one.

My chin is no different, still blackhead-y. My jawline, however, has cleared.

My nose is better than it's ever been but I still live with clogged pores. And those horrible under-the-skin ones that are ALWAYS on the tip of your nose. SICK OF THOSE.

My hormonal acne is nearly gone. I CANNOT PRAISE THE LORD ENOUGH FOR THIS MIRACLE. For those who suffer from hormonal flare-ups (thanks body, you're a champ) you'll understand the pain that comes with big nodular acne that is inflamed and just PAINFUL.

Let me know if Minocycline has worked for you, or if you've just started a course. :)

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my milagro (Spanish for "miracle") was amoxicillin. When I started amoxicillin my cysts vanished, my small pimples vanished. I am now officially zit free. Now mind you, I still take allmy acne meds as follows:

1. 1500mg of amoxicillin everyday at 6:00AM.

2. Topically apply generic Retin-A cream 0.1% concurrent with topical clindamycin or "clindagel" at 6:30AM.

3. Apply generic "Benzaclin" which is a fresh mixture of 5% benzoyl peroxide gel with 1% strength clindamycin; which is an antibiotic. I apply benzaclin twice daily. One application is usually around 10:30AM and again at 8:00PM (before I retire for the evening).

So, my regimen is very comprehensive and hence, very effective. I recommend it to anyone dealing with a stubborn case.

One other thing, I dont use a moisturizer very often but when I do it is Cetaphil oil control moisturizer or generic walgreens brand for Neutrogena oil-free for sensitive skin with spf 15. I get pale really often. I am used to being a rich caramelish color but in winter I get so pale yellowy tan...I wish I could go to a tanning bed but I am too afraid of malignant melanoma and I already have several suspicious moles. Anyway...good luck with everything and I wish you CLEARSKIN!!!! Peace!

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