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Post Accutane: One Year



Hey guys! I have not blogged about my skin since I finished Accutane. However, I recently started Dan's Regimen (Clear Skin Regimen) and I will make another post about that. However, it has been about one year since I stopped using Accutane and I think it is a good time to post an update.

So after I finished Accutane, my skin gradually worsened; however, I will say that my skin has been clearer this year than before I took Accutane. Do I regret taking Accutane? I don't regret taking it because although it was not the miracle for me, my skin did improve and my back acne and chest acne completely went away. Furthermore, there were way fewer cysts and the pimples I got were not the deep painful type.

THEN, about 2-3 months after I finished, I began getting these really small, pus-filled, red and itchy pimples on my face. They felt like mosquito bites and were extremely red. So upon researching after I thought it was the sweat I got from exercising irritating my pimples, I discovered that I had folliculitis. Basically, it is the infection of hair follicles from bacteria. When I went to my dermatologist, the intern did not believe me. However, I was pretty sure what I had since the itchy pimples appeared in the areas I used the razor. So I ended up having to take probiotics to restore my good bacteria.

When that finally disappeared, my skin continued gradually worsening. However, I vowed not to go on another round of Accutane as it is not anywhere near as bad as my acne before. So I researched many things and discovered Dan's Regimen. I will blog about that in another post. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you will stay with my for my new journey!

- Austin


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