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Paula's Choice Bha For Body Acne Is Still What Works Best.



So in my last entry, I had stopped using the Paula's Choice BHA weightless body lotion because I went away for a week and didn't bring it with me. I broke out all over my back and had to start using PanOxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide bar soap on my back. I alternated days between using that and using a pyrithione zinc bar soap I bought on Amazon. So one day I'd use the BPO bar, then the next day the zinc bar, and so on.

This worked REALLY well on my back. My back stayed super clear. My chest still kept getting little breakouts. Then I ran out of the two soaps, and I had shoulder surgery, so I started using the Dial gold bar deodorant antibacterial soap with a scrubber. Again, my back stayed clear for many months; my chest, not so much.

So I started using Paula's Choice again and have been since. My chest stays perfectly clear when I use the Paula's Choice every day. My back, for reasons unknown, suddenly broke out horribly right after Xmas and I'm just now getting it under control. I bought the PanOxyl (CVS brand) foaming face wash 10% BPO, and I use that on my back and chest with a netted loofah and leave it on for a couple of minutes in the shower every morning, then rinse, pat dry and apply Paula's Choice.

I don't want to use PanOxyl forever; I'd like something less drying to use on my chest and back once everything is clear. But I'm not sure what to do. I guess Cetaphil? I dunno. It's so frustrating. But I want something that will just cleanse my skin and prep it for the Paula's Choice.

I have a couple of active lesions on my back, but they're steadily going away. For the most part, it's just dark spots, which is embarrassing. I'm in my cousin's wedding in April, and I have to wear a strapless dress. I hope it's faded by then. :(

Any tips would be appreciated! But for those suffering with body acne, I once again must recommend Paula's Choice BHA weightless body lotion. It's part of the line of products called Resist. It's like 20 bucks for a big bottle, and a little goes a long way - it works better than anything else I've ever used. I swear by it. Go there and at least try it out. It absorbs quickly - just put it on, do some other stuff and then you can get dressed. Do it do it.

Tip: Paula's Choice also works really well on my face. I use it in the AM after cleansing with Cetaphil. After it absorbs, I apply Cerave AM moisturizer (which is awesome). My face hasn't really even had any hormonal breakouts.


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