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A Story About Acne (Accutane Vs The Regimen)



I've had acne since I was in the 5th grade. I know, obviously, that many of you suffer from acne and know the damaging effects of it. But to deal with this since I was 10/11...it was a nightmare.

I started seeing a dermatologist regularly in the 6th grade. I continued to see dermatologists for many, many years after. I was prescribed EVERYTHING under the sun. Antibiotics, check. Creams, check. Peels, check. You name it, i've tried it. After so many years of having my self esteem torn down by acne, I was prescribed accutane when I was a freshman in high school. I remember the moment pretty vividly. I was sitting in the dermatolgists office crying (just one of many times that had happened), when the doctor mentioned something about accutane. My father, exasperated, said yes. I had no clue what accutane was, I only remembered several dermatologists mentioning it and my father saying no. I didn't understand the seriousness of the drug. I didn't know what it was about. But, I signed the paperwork, got a birth control prescription, and started my course. After a few months, my skin was flawless. I had experienced very little side effects. It was a miracle to me. I finished my course and lived out the rest of my high school life without having to worry about the acne that had poisoned my life prior to then.

Then, I started college. I don't know if it was the stress or the new environment, but my acne came back. At this point, I was almost 20 years old and people kept telling me it would go away when I got older. It wasn't going away, it was just getting worse. I hadn't seen the dermatologist in years, but I went back, and I went back on a mission. I wanted accutane again. To me, this was the ONLY cure. I was naive, I wanted to take the easy way out. After putting me through a course of antibiotics and creams that did nothing, she agreed to give me a low dose prescription. Little did I know, low-dose accutane only works while you're on it. So, for about 7 months my skin was clear. The acne came back two months after my course was done, which is really no time at all. I was crushed.

I was done with taking medecine at that point. I decided that my only option was to spend major cash on over the counter/high end acne products. Again, I was naive. It felt wrong to be a college student struggling with acne, and I just figured that if something is expensive, it MUST work. I was spending about $30-$60 on each product. So, $30 toner, $45 treatment, $30 cleanser, $70 scar treatment. I was blowing money like crazy on these products that worked mediocre at best.

It had been almost 11 years of me struggling with acne. I was exhausted. I was hopeless.

I searched the web incessantly for a cure. One day, I came across a video about the acne.org regiment. The girls skin looked amazing, her skin looked like how mine did post-accutane, which is a very difficult look to achieve! I decided to try it as a last resort. I thought, if this doesn't work, nothing will. I got my products and started the regimen.

Within the first week, my skin was completely free of pimples. I mean, literally, the pimples were gone.

I'm very prone to hyperpigmentation, so I still had a lot on my skin. This regimen finally gave those spots a chance to fade without any new ones forming. I'm only in the first month and a half of treatment, and my skin is almost completely clear. 70% of the hyperpigmentation has faded with THIS REGIMEN ALONE. I have used nothing else on my skin. I just ordered the AHA+ to help fade the rest of the hyperpigmentation.

The hope and the confidence this regimen has given me is unmeasurable. I only wish that middle school me had this system, maybe then she wouldn't have been so shy and timid, maybe then she wouldn't have done something as stupid as use accutane twice.

Speaking of accutane, as a personal user of it, I can guarantee that this system is better. Although I mentioned before that I experienced very little side effects, I did notice that my perfect 20/20 vision deteriorated slightly during my first round of accutane, causing me to get glasses. Of course, I can't prove that it was accutane that did this, but I have a strong feeling. Additionally, my second round of accutane was NOT good for my digestive system. I could feel the damage it was causing while I was on it. I didn't develop IBS, thankfully, but I could tell that accutane was messing with my body chemistry in ways that were damaging and simply not right.

If anyone who has suffered from acne and is considering accutane is reading this, please, I urge you to try the regimen before pumping dangerous chemicals into your body. I wish I had the good sense to.


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I also have had acne since 5th grade and started going to the dermatologist regularly in 6th grade now I'm in 10th grade and I went on Accutane a month and a half ago. So far my skin is doing really well with minimal side effects. I really hope this works for me! But I'm also worried after I'm done my acne will come back! If it does the next thing I try will definitely be the regimen

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My acne came back full force both times! I was not about to go on it a third time. If it comes back for you, definitely try the regimen!

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