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Day 34



I started my second month a few days ago with a increase dose from 40mg to 60mg/day. I am still breaking out but my red marks are fading fast! I have two cysts on the right side of my face and about 4 nodules on the left side of my chin. My forehead is clear other than a healing blemish. Overall, my skin tone is improving but I am suppppppperrr dry. I apply moisturizer more than 3 times a day and I always have my carmex within reach. I've been using head and shoulders because my scalp is so itchy..not really flakey, just itchy.

I've been doing yoga instead of my usual insanity routine and it's been pretty easy on my joints. I've had a little bit of lower back pain. Anxiety seems to be increasing a bit. Also, had a very strange dizzy spell this afternoon.

Can't wait to start seeing some BIG improvements!! Hoping for smooth skin by the end of the month! xoxo


hello :)

ive been off of Accutane since november...and couldnt be happier. my acne was TERRIBLEEE!!!! but accutane really helped me. if you need anything or have questions im here to help :) and just hang in there girly your skin will clear up in no time.

<3 VEE :)

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Great news on your improvements. I'm also on 60mg a day. I am only on day 13 :( I've got 3.5 months left....and counting!!!!!!

I am also suffering with the dryness and flaky skin. What moisturiser are you using? I struggle with it a lot as I work in an air conditioned office so by the end of the day my skin looks disgusting and with bits of skin hanging off. As soon as I get home I wash my makeup off (I don't put much on to be fair as I look horrific with loads of makeup on as it's so dry) and then plaster Cetaphil moisturiser on it like a face mask and just leave it. I don't know if this is even helping but it makes my skin less tight and itchy!!! If i could sit at home all day like it I would.

I also get the anxiety. How have you been dealing with that?


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i know this isnt my blog, but anxiety was a major effect while i was in the first 2 months of my course. i think it was mostly because i felt nervous to when people looked at my skin, not so much related to the tane. you girls are lucky btw. ive only been taking 20mg a day.

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@vee30 Thanks for your support! It's great to hear success stories!

@amylouise Month one seemed like it took FOREVER to pass by..but once I got in to month two I felt like things started to pick up a little bit. The first month is all about your body trying to get used to the drug by reacting to it. By the second month, you'll start to really feel like your in it for the win! I don't know if that's just me but with the start of the second month I feel like I'm making progress even if my skin isn't completely clear. I have a lot of red scarring because my overall skin tone is very pale so I'm really hoping that will fade. The flaky skin is super annoying but I try to look at it as though it's peeling off to reveal new, fresh skin! I don't wear a ton of makeup myself because of the flakiness..I basically use a light layer to cover up some of the redness or else I'll shed like a snake! For moisturizer, I have found that the Cetaphil oil control moisturizer with SPF 30 is the most moisturizing of all the lotions I've tried. It's surprising that an "oil control" would help with dryness because you would think it would dry you out even more..but it's the complete opposite!

As for the anxiety, I've been doing a lot to keep it at bay. I see a therapist, practice yoga, deep breathe, and take benadryl/ativan when I feel really anxious. What have you been doing for it?

Oh and if you can get a humidifier for your office, that would help a TON! It keeps the air really moist, especially with the air conditioner on.

@sanchoroo I feel really insecure about my skin as well. I feel like it's all that people see when they look at me. It caused so much anxiety before I started accutane but now I feel like I'm doing something about it that can almost guarantee positive results, so I feel a little less anxious. I tell myself I am actively doing something positive for my skin and acne will not be permanent!!

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i agree acne isnt permanent, it just feels permanent when your face is really bad. all it really takes is to find a good derm that will prescribe the right stuff and time. i use same moisturizer btw, good stuff.

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