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Accutane Mechanism Of Action



Although I believe that people are getting closer, I dont think that anyone really knows exactly what accutane does to the body and how it does it. There is so much information out there. How do you know what to believe, if anything? Here are some links to possible mechanisms of action related to accutane and how it works, i guess you can determine for yourself what you believe to be possible/true etc..

  • Report on how accutane could shorten telomeres

    • Possible epigenetic effects of accutane such as dna methylation of histone modification


      • Accutane regulates gene expression through FOX O


      [*]Gene changes


      I will probably be adding to this list, this is just a few of the possible explanations of accutanes mechanism of action on our body. From everything I have read and what i believe to be true is that Accutane does modify gene expression somehow. I have to believe that, because if it does not change anything permanently then wouldn't acne and oily skin just come right back after the treatment was completed. I also do believe that it can shorten telomeres, but i also believe that for all people this isnt permanent and telomerase enzyme is regulated back to normal after treatment. I do believe it permanently slows cell proliferation through apoptosis (programmed cell death) . I believe there is far too much cell death going on and lastly, i believe that not everyone will experience these side effects. Some people, i believe, are more genetically predisposed to experiencing these side effects just based upon their genome.

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