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Zinc Picolinate 50 Mg / Day : Start Date 28 February 2013



Zinc Picolinate 50 mg / day : Start date 28 February 2013

As per title i found some of this lying around and i can't remember why i stopped taking ti so i thought i would give it another go again. No doubt i will be quickly reminded why i stopped int he first place.

I'm taking it in the mornings on an empty stomach and not eating the casual cases themselves.

Skin is much better on face and whole of body today - no new or active spots but obviously means jack shit so far. Just fits into my usual cyclic breakout pattern.

Last few days i haven't eaten much saturated fat, also haven't done any weights for a few days combined with some running the other day.

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Pausing from 8th March lol.

Lasted more than a week though!

Still breaking out although skin not that bad.

Few painful spots.

Got a large whitehead where i messed around trying to pull out a thicker stubble hair again.

Pausing/stopping just incase zinc is makign things worse - unlikely though more of just the same.

Thing to note:

Very little sleep on the night of the 5th.

Erythromelalgia was bad on 4th and hasnt been great last few nights after being good for a while

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