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Get At Me: Day 26




Hi you guys! Just wanted to give you an update! Today is day 26 of my Claravis journey. I am still taking 60 mg a day. My one month is this Monday, March 4th when I will have my dermatologist appointment and then go into month two. I'm pretty sure I'll be staying on 60 mg a day for a total of five months. PRETTTTTY EXCITING STUFF!!!!!!!!!

Here is a little update about my face! I switched cleansers haha and I FREAKING LOVE WHAT I'M USING. It's called "Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser". I have been using this for two days and already my skin feels way better. My face feels smoother, not so dry, but still super clean. I'm in love. I'll definitely continue using this throughout my treatment and will keep using it after Accutane as well. For a moisturizer, I use Cetaphil moisturizing cream and for make-up I just use Almay spot treatment concealer and the Neutrogena pressed powder. I really hate foundation, so the concealer with light powder is perfect!

I currently have nothing active on my right cheek. It's actually really smooth with just a few little marks. My chin has some scabs that are still drying up. My left cheek has one cyst and one tiny pimple with red marks. And my forehead is relatively smooth with some leftover red marks. So, I think I'm now in the healing process which is actually SUPER SWELL.

I did develop some eczema haha that's for sure. It's on my neck, the tops of my hands, and on one arm. It's not horrible; it's not like oh dear God what happened to her. It's just red and itchy. But, that's just a sign the Claravis is kicking in! So, I'll take it. I think in the next month my skin will be doing really well. So, I'm stoked for that. It's kind of crazy to see the effects of Accutane actually showing. I guess I'm a nerd like that. I get PUMPED.

Stay beautiful (:




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